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    Vegan Approved!

    Vegan Approved!

    Today, the good people at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have given us the good news that Helters will be added to their list of companies that are Vegan and cruelty-free! This is such a great milestone for us.

    Many companies still use animal by-products in the items they sell at a massive scale. But they don't need to. From the dyes and materials used for our clothing to the inks used on the printed designs to the art pieces we produce; everything is vegan, sustainable and kind to the planet. 



    'Love At First Bite' and 'PyraMode' Designs Now In Store!

    'Love At First Bite' and 'PyraMode' Designs Now In Store!


    Productivity is high at the moment.

    Hustle is GOOD.

    We've got 2 x new designs across various garms, brought to you by our two designers, Designidge and Nell. 2 guys who like to create stuff.

    One is a black only design created using Adobe Illustrator and was done by Designidge.

    The other is a collab between Nell and Designidge. The talented tattooist, Nell, offered up some awesome black illustrations and Designidge got to work in Photoshop adding tweaks, colours, textures and finishing touches.

    Here they are....

    We Listen To You Guys!

    We Listen To You Guys!

    Mix and Match Clothing Styles

    So recently, we've had a few good people let us know they are loving a particular design of ours, yet they want it on a different garment style. Wishful thinking? Absolutely not.

    Give and Take

    We know that everyone's taste is different. That's OK with us. We want this thing to be a two-way relationship :) So here's the deal. If you find a design you like, but it's not on the clothing style you like - let us know. We'll get back to you straight away to let you know if it's possible to have that design on that garment and we'll make it available in our store!

    Hex Design now on Mens Tee and Unisex Hoodie

    Here's a 'Hex'ample (pun obviously intended)...

    So a couple of people have been digging the 'Hex' design but it was only available on a long sleeve mens shirt and a Women's Vest. They wanted it on a Men's Tee and another wanted it on one of our Unisex Hoodies, both of which are 100% organic cotton 'Fairwear' products.

    Well, we made it happen. We even added some different colour options just in case! So let us know if you want to see some variations in our store and we'll bend over backwards to make it happen for you!

    All t'best!

    Helters x

    New Tee Designs in Store!

    New Tee Designs in Store!

    In between tattooing the good people of Bolton and the surrounding areas, the ever so talented Nell has drawn up this awesome new design.

    He whacked it over to Designidge who added some gnarly texture bits and bobs and voila - some new garms for you lovely people. It's available in an Extra Long Mens Tee, an Oversize Womens Tee and a Standard Mens Tee

    Check these and the rest of our range; don't forget to sign up and enter our competition to win a pair of high tops - every bloody month!

    Tips for Caring for your Helters Organic Cotton Clothing

    Tips for Caring for your Helters Organic Cotton Clothing

    So what’s all this Organic Cotton about then?

    Well, Helters’ range of t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters are all made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton with the exception of a few garments, which are made from other eco-friendly, sustainable materials such as Tencel© (Lyocell) and Bamboo.

    If you know anything about Helters, you know we take a responsible approach to our garment suppliers, materials and processes. It’s important for us to give people an alternative to ‘conventional cotton’ that floods the high street shops.

    Organic Cotton is much better for the environment, for wildlife and for your health. A great deal of care is taken at every stage of producing an organic cotton garment and the more ‘hands-on’ approach consistently produces “better quality yarns than conventional cotton” according to industry body - Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

    The process of producing organic cotton doesn’t involve pesticides or harsh chemicals that are used in conventional cotton production and therefore more care is put in to make sure crops are healthy and sustainable.

    Make your Organic Cotton Clothes Last 

    With the right care, your organic cotton clothes can last many years but it is important to follow some simple guidelines in order to ensure this, after all, you’ve already taken the conscientious step by purchasing organic cotton in the first place. Well played :)

    Washing and Drying Organic Cotton

    Conventional cotton apparel is generally treated with chemicals to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat whereas organic cotton is not, so it is suggested to wash your clothes at a low temperature. Turn your clothes inside out prior to washing to protect the print’s vibrancy and detail. If you use harsh detergents or washing powder, this can cause the colour to fade so try to avoid these and use a milder detergent when washing your organic cotton garments.

    care logos for organic cotton

    Helters use water based, vegan friendly inks as opposed to plastisol inks that tend to sit on top of the fabric and have a greater risk of coming away during the washing process.

    Hang drying your clothes is the best option so you don’t run the risk of damaging them through the tumble-drying process.


    On the whole, organic cotton is more sensitive to heat than conventional cotton due to having less harsh chemicals applied during the production process. Due to this, it is more susceptible to shrinking when washed or dried at higher temperatures so we recommend washing inside out at 30°and hang drying for best results and to increase the life of your treasured Helters garm! If you need to iron, don’t iron directly over the print; we suggest turning inside out to iron.


    Treat your Helters organic cotton clothes with care and they’ll last you a long time as well making you look awesome.

    Spooky Sneak Preview Clothing Launch and What's Next?

    Spooky Sneak Preview Clothing Launch and What's Next?

    Welcome to Helters! 

    Responsible UK Streetwear Clothing & Art

    We're very happy to be here, so happy in fact, that we're celebrating by offering you 20% off our first small range. It's Halloween so we thought we'd get all spooky. We have a Women's Sweater, Men's Long Sleeved T-Shirt, and a Unisex T-shirt & Hoodie, all with the same design. 

    Organic Cotton & Eco-Friendly Inks

    All the clothes in the 'Spooky Sneak Preview; range are made from 100% organic cotton so they're kinder to the environment and kinder to your skin. The inks used are all water based and vegan too. 

    More Choice Coming Soon!

    Our designers are working hard behind the scenes on an awesome range of designs for Tees, Sweaters, Hoodies, Headwear, Art Prints, Wall Art and Accessories so make sure you keep popping by to sniff around and check out what's new. We'll be on the lookout for feedback, suggestions and general chatting opportunities so if you have any questions or just want to say hello - go for it! We like to talk.

    All. The. Best.