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    Responsible Streetwear and Art...

    Hi, we’re Helters, an independent, streetwear clothing and art brand.

    We all have a little chaotic style in us, but we also like to be responsible; with a strong social and environmental conscience, we care a lot about all things eco-friendly and sustainable and this reflects in our work.

    We also like to collaborate; we’re a small team of creatives with backgrounds ranging from Graphic Design, Illustration, Tattoo Art, Graffiti Art and more.

    Art is our craft. We create designs and graphics that we're pretty darn proud of; whether they’re hanging on our own walls or printed on our t-shirts, we don't strive for a prescribed look, or jump onto fast-fashion trends to make people happy.

    Behind our designs lie passion, honesty and interest; we think this shines through in our work and hope you agree.

    We don’t take things too seriously, where’d the fun be in that? One thing we do take seriously though, is the environment. We aim to source only eco-friendly, ethically made, sustainable materials and garments. We only work with suppliers who share our core values and positivity and who use processes that are kind to people and the environment.

    Follow us on Instagram to check out our latest designs and see what we're up to.


    Interested in reading more about our stance on the environment? Take a look at our Environment section here.